MAS Ramadan Series: In the Shade of Ramadan

The series “In the Shade of Ramadan” was started in 2006 to provide spiritual upliftment and education during Ramadan. It gives Muslim American Society (MAS) speakers a platform to deliver key messages to the Muslim community. The current season, Season 13, explores the stories, lessons, and connections found in Surah al-Buruj, offering reminders and reassurances during times of heightened Islamophobia, global conflict, and the ongoing genocide in Gaza. Viewers can watch the videos on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, or show them during tarawih programs at local MAS centres or mosques.

Surah al-Buruj Ramadan Episodes 

All episodes are very insightful to watch. But this time we picked a few,

Episodes 25 to 28 of “In the Shade of Ramadan Season 13” focus on various reflections and discussions centred around Surat al-Buruj from the Qur’an. Here’s a summary of each episode:

Breaking down some episodes 

Ep 25: The Doer of What He Wills

Reflects on the stories of Pharaoh and Thamud from Surah al-Buruj.

Discusses the lessons behind their narratives and their common traits.

Explores the historical and contextual significance of including these examples in Surah al-Buruj.

Considers measures and tools of power in society, both beneficial and destructive.

Emphasises the importance of steadfastness and faith for believers.

Quiz questions and a challenge related to the episode’s themes are presented.

Ep 26: The Failure of “The Great Forces”

Similar to Ep 25, focusing on the stories of Pharaoh and Thamud.

Explores lessons from their narratives and their relevance in Surah al-Buruj.

Considers measures of power in society and contrasts them with those of believers.

Discusses the importance of remaining steadfast in faith.

Includes quiz questions and a challenge for viewers.

Ep 27: The All-Encompassing

Reflects on the meaning of “Indeed Allah encompasses them from all sides.”

Discusses acceptance of Allah’s will and trust in His justice.

Explores the concept of wrong-doing and its recognition.

Considers how to guard oneself against the traps of Shaytan.

Quiz questions and a challenge related to trusting in Allah’s wisdom and justice are provided.

Ep 28: The Quran According to the Quran

It focuses on the relationship with the Qur’an and ways to deepen it.

Explores the essence of being a Hafidh al-Quran (memoriser of the Qur’an).

Discusses the importance of not only acquiring knowledge but also applying it.

Reflects on individuals whose character reflects their relationship with the Qur’an.

Quiz questions and a challenge to deepen one’s relationship with the Qur’an are included.

Each episode provides reflections, discussions, quiz questions, and challenges related to themes from Surat al-Buruj, aiming to offer reminders and reassurances during challenging times.

Make sure to check out In the Shade of Ramadan episodes too, they’re worth watching! 


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Young Muslims: Conferences Dedicated to Knowledge Sharing

Article Reference: Young Muslims

The Young Muslims Conference (YM) is a weekend-long event designed to develop young Muslims into future leaders. It offers workshops and sessions by renowned scholars, as well as opportunities to meet fellow Muslim brothers and compete in basketball and volleyball tournaments. The conference also offers travel opportunities to various cities, including Baltimore, MD for the National Conference and Atlanta, Houston, and Chicago for Regional Conferences. Events include a Halal Food Court, Midnight Basketball, Live Entertainment, a YM Booth at the Bazaar, a MasterChef Competition, an Open Mic Competition, a Muslim Youth Debate, a Paint Night, and a Quran Competition. Scholars also speak directly to young Muslims, discussing topics such as mental health, gender interactions, and chivalry. 

Some of the Young Muslims Educational Resources 

Muslim Youth Issues: Addressing Mental Health

In this report, we aim to address the current state of mental health among American Muslim youth and assist with mental health struggles of any kind. This report also helps guide community leaders by providing a toolkit to directly support them wherever they may be.

Muslim Youth Issues: Addressing Pornography

Pornography consumption in American Muslim society has increased dramatically over the years. In the past year, the Young Muslim Muslim Youth Issues Team sought to gain a quantitative understanding of the issue.

How to Give a Khutbah

This short guide has been prepared to help young Muslims, as well as anyone in the position of being a Khateeb. This guide is meant as an aide and as a starting point, it is strongly encouraged to go over the Khutba structure with a local Imam, chaplain, or student of knowledge.

Muslim Youth Issues: Judgement Stigma

The goal of the YM Presents Muslim Youth Issues: Judgment Stigma campaign is to seek the pleasure of Allah by raising awareness of judgment and shame within the American Muslim community, providing constructive criticism through education about Islam’s stance on this issue, and presenting practical solutions and strategies to counteract judgment stigma within our communities.

Supporting the Black Community

To properly raise awareness and educate ourselves about the systemic injustices towards the Black community in America, we have compiled a handbook that includes some civic engagement tools and action items to ensure that we are coming up with both short-term and long-term, sustainable strategies to support the Black community.

Ramadan Survival Guide

Young Muslims would like to present its first-ever Ramadan Survival Guide! We pray this guide brings benefits and helps you optimize how to spend your time this Ramadan! In it, you can find a daily to-do checklist, dua’s, exciting challenges and much more. Share with your friends, family, organizations, and the local community to reap the reward from it.

All these topics can be found on the Young Muslims page.


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MAS PACE Impact for the Betterment of Our Society

MAS PACE Impact for the Betterment of Our Society

MAS-PACE commitment to mobilizing for change extends beyond mere rhetoric—it’s a dynamic force driving tangible progress across the United States. With a presence in over 50 chapters nationwide, MAS-PACE is not just an organization; it’s a movement, empowering Muslim Americans to take charge of their destinies and shape the future of their communities. At the heart of MAS-PACE’s mission lies a dedication to advocacy. Through initiatives like National Capitol Advocacy Days and strategic coalition-building efforts, MAS-PACE pushes the boundaries of advocacy, ensuring that the concerns and aspirations of Muslim Americans are heard loud and clear in the corridors of power.

Central to MAS-PACE’s vision is the promotion of civic engagement. By fostering an educated, engaged, and motivated Muslim electorate, MAS-PACE ensures that the voices of Muslim Americans resonate powerfully in local and national political spheres. Through integrated voter engagement strategies, MAS-PACE empowers individuals to become active participants in the democratic process year-round. Political empowerment is not just a goal for MAS-PACE; it’s a core principle. By spearheading voter registration drives, fostering informed and civically engaged communities, and mobilizing the Muslim vote, MAS-PACE seeks to transform the political landscape, paving the way for greater representation and inclusivity.

MAS-PACE Holistic Approach to Social Justice and Shifting the Narrative

MAS-PACE’s work goes beyond the realm of politics. Recognizing the importance of narrative ownership, MAS-PACE creates spaces where Muslim Americans can reclaim their stories and build a narrative rooted in positive values and diversity. By amplifying the voices of a richly diverse Muslim population, MAS-PACE cultivates a narrative that reflects the true essence of the community.

Moreover, MAS-PACE is committed to social justice in all its forms. From standing in solidarity with movements like #BlackLivesMatter to advocating for DACA recipients and the reunification of immigrant families, MAS-PACE champions cause that promote equity, dignity, and compassion.

Behind MAS-PACE’s multifaceted approach lies a deep-seated belief in the power of community. By educating, engaging, and galvanizing the Muslim American community, MAS-PACE cultivates grassroots power that catalyzes meaningful change. Through advocacy, civic engagement, leadership development, public relations, interfaith collaboration, and coalition building, MAS-PACE lays the foundation for a more inclusive and respectful America—one where every voice is valued and every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

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A Continuous Charity – Supporting Your Education

1 out of 4 students with loans is either behind on payments or has defaulted. Interest-free education can change everything, especially for our Muslim brothers and sisters. Many students have a hard time getting a higher education because of the soaring costs of colleges and universities. Taking out a loan with interest only makes things worse. However, A Continuous Charity can make it easier for students to get an education. Starting life without debt keeps families together and strengthens them. Studies have found that financial problems due to debt and overspending are leading causes of divorce in the U.S.

Benefits are also possible for students who choose an interest-free loan to abide by the principles of Islam. This not only empowers the Muslim youth but also allows blessings in our wealth and lives. Financial success is achieved by removing the excess interest students incur on their loans. Every dollar a student pays goes directly to their principal, saving them money and allowing them to pay back their loan faster.

Positive Impact on Education

The positive impact of educating students includes increasing household income, which benefits the economy, improving quality of life in various ways, and increasing the presence of educated Muslims.

A Continuous Charity (ACC) aims to address the education crisis by providing students with the opportunity to access interest-free loans for their higher education. The current system is a significant issue, with 70% of Bachelor’s degree recipients leaving school with debt. Between 2000 and 2013, there was an 87% increase in tuition and fees at a four-year public college, leading to an estimated $2,726.27 per second.

Interest-free education can make it easier for students to get an education, strengthen families, and allow blessings in our wealth and lives. Removing the excess interest students incur on their loans, makes it easier for students to pay back their loans. Every dollar a student pays goes directly to their principal, saving them money and allowing them to pay back their loan faster.

The positive impact of educating students includes increasing household income, which benefits the economy, improving quality of life in various ways, and increasing the presence of educated Muslims. The ACC aims to create a system where students can access interest-free loans for their higher education. Interest is a big deal, and no student should have to sacrifice their principles to get a higher education.

Ways You Can Support ACC on Their Noble Mission

Three ways to help spread the word about ACC are by liking their social media accounts, inviting them to your community for a presentation or fundraiser, and donating to help more Muslim students receive higher education without interest and build your Sadaqah Jariyah.

The $1.56 trillion student debt crisis is the second-highest level of consumer debt, following mortgages. Research indicates that 70% of college students will graduate with debt, and 69% of college students took out student loans, with an average debt of $29,800.

Providing an option for an interest-free loan to abide by the principles of our faith to please Allah will empower the Muslim youth and allow blessings in our lives. By removing the excess interest students incur on their loans, we make it easier for students to pay back their loans. A Continuous Charity aims to create a system where students can access interest-free loans for their higher education, enabling them to better themselves without having to compromise their way of life.

LaunchGood Shares Valuable Advice for your Ramadan Fundraiser

In the dynamic landscape of fundraising, LaunchGood emerges as a cutting-edge platform for tech-driven campaigns. With a proven track record, LaunchGood has established itself as a catalyst for support.  To maximize the impact of your fundraising, LaunchGood recommends incorporating the following strategies. 

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Leaderboard Dynamics: Fostering Healthy Competition

Leverage dynamic leaderboards on LaunchGood to create an environment of healthy competition and heightened visibility. Real-time leaderboards highlight campaigns based on unique supporters and total funds raised. Mastering the Leaderboard involves understanding eligibility, rules, real-time updates, and potential prize allocations.

Referral Programs: Broadening Influence

Expand your campaign’s reach through LaunchGood’s Referral Program, rewarding successful referrals with financial boosts. This significantly amplifies the impact of each donation. Strategic planning is crucial, with action required by a set date to benefit from higher boost amounts. The new referral code system allows for the creation of unique, campaign-specific codes.

Tech Tools: Zakat Calculator and Eligibility Tags

Employ LaunchGood’s Zakat calculator and the option to tag campaigns as eligible for specific funding. This feature assists donors in fulfilling their obligations, simplifying contributions to your cause. Educate donors on how their contributions can support your mission, enhancing the identification of Zakat-eligible campaigns.

Strategic Campaign Planning: Setting the Stage for Success

Prepare for your campaign by establishing clear, achievable goals and crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience. Develop a comprehensive outreach plan using diverse channels such as social media, email, and virtual events to promote your cause.

Daily Engagement: Sustaining Momentum

Maintain a robust online presence throughout your campaign with daily engagement across multiple platforms. Consistent updates and interactions are crucial, especially during pivotal periods of heightened fundraising activity.

Post-Campaign Engagement: Cultivating Gratitude

Express sincere gratitude to donors through personalized messages. Share detailed accounts of how funds have been or will be utilized. Provide regular updates on progress and outcomes using various strategies such as newsletters, success stories, and virtual community events. As you lay the groundwork for future initiatives, tease upcoming projects and invite supporters to be part of your ongoing journey. 

By strategically implementing LaunchGood recommendations, you can not only meet but surpass your fundraising goals, embodying the spirit of innovation in the world of tech-driven campaigns.

Supporting Young Muslim Professionals: Project 100 Winter Cohort

At A Continuous Charity (ACC), we are deeply committed to empowering the youth and surpassing their expectations by providing resources, mentorship, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our mission is to assist young Muslim professionals in reaching their full potential and thriving in their careers. ACC has been dedicated to this cause for a decade, and we invite you to contribute now to support a student and others who practice Islam.

Youth organizations are crucial in nurturing and empowering young Muslim professionals in their personal and professional development. Participating in such organizations offers numerous benefits, including the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, build valuable connections, and access a supportive network within a broader community.

In this article, we will inform you about MAS Project 11 Winter Cohort, which can be a good opportunity to meet new people and learn more! 

MAS Project 100 Winter Cohort 2024

Join other young Muslims in an exciting four-week journey with Project 100, made possible by the Muslim American SocietyYoung Professionals Lighthouse Projects, exploring topics such as the Quran, modern Islam, achievement, and the power of Muslim youth. This program offers a unique opportunity for personal growth through engaging tracks, inquisitive journals, Personal Development Plans (PDPs), and a supportive community of practice. By completing this program, participants will experience a transformative change and be inspired to channel their newfound spiritual energy into making a positive difference in their lives and communities.

What Makes MAS Project 100 Winter Cohort Unique?

Since its beginning in 2020, Project 100 has stood out for combining intensity and seriousness of purpose, an integrated curriculum addressing core intellectual, spiritual, and practical concerns, and the chance to build meaningful relationships with fellow participants.

The main modules are delivered lecture-style, allowing opportunities for questions and discussion. Following the lectures, participants engage in breakout rooms for deeper reflection and personal exchange, connecting with top individuals across the country united by a common cause.

Project 100 is a transformative journey aiming to strengthen each participant’s bond with Allah SWT. This program seeks to align the heart, mind, and body with Islamic principles and foundations. Its multidimensional approach, combining robust content, inquisitive journals, a community of shared interest, productive projects, and lifelong connections, is unparalleled in Islamic work today.

The program is currently virtual, spanning eight sessions over 28 days from January 29, 2024, to February 26, 2024, CET. During each two-hour session, pressing societal topics will be addressed, followed by community of practice (CoP) discussions. These CoPs, smaller groups united by shared interests, foster a sense of community and companionship. 

Click here to learn more about the project! 

With thrilling tracks, inquisitive journals, personal development plans, and a community of practice, this program aims to inspire individuals to reach new heights and create positive change within themselves and their communities.

Discover new horizons, foster positive change, and strengthen our community by supporting one another. 

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