Honoring Role Model Legacy Fund

The Honoring Role Model Legacy Fund, an initiative curated by MOMNetwork in collaboration with A Continuous Charity. This transformative program is designed to empower and uplift students in the DMV area by offering an interest-free loan while concurrently providing Sadaqah Jariyah to Legacy Award recipients (posthumous award).

At the heart of MOMNetwork’s mission lies a membership organization dedicated to Empowering, Engaging, and Establishing programs for MOMs (Mothers Of Muslims) and their families. The roots of this initiative trace back to 2017 when MOMNetwork hosted their first Honoring Role Model Ceremony as a heartfelt tribute to the founder’s mother, who passed away in 2016. Seeking to embody their mother’s ethos of recognizing individuals while they are alive, this ceremony has awarded over 100 women,  including a legacy award each year for a Sister whose legacy continues to impact the community.  In 2022, the initiative gained further momentum through a partnership with A Continuous Charity.

This unique fund, managed by A Continuous Charity, serves as a lasting tribute to the remarkable mothers. Enshrining their names, the fund extends its impact by offering interest-free loans to deserving African American Muslim students in the DMV area. By partnering with A Continuous Charity, MOMNetwork ensures the perpetuity of this legacy, transforming the fund into a sustainable source of Sadaqah Jariyah, fostering positive change for generations to come. The Honoring Role Model Legacy Fund stands as a beacon of support, bridging education, commemoration, and community upliftment in a harmonious celebration of life and legacy.

Legacy Awardees yrs’

Dorothy Mayers – 2017

Rawhia Mohamed El-Mahdy – 2018

Iman Al-Shingieti – 2019

Dr. Maryam Funches – 2020

Linda-Mae Williamson – 2021

PFP – In their names – Muslim victims of domestic violence – 2022

Mariam Toure (Madame Sylla) – 2023

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