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A Message From The California ACC Board

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California ACC Team, At Your Service

At ACC California, our goal is to equip Muslim students from California with the financial independence to pursue higher education while eliminating the hurdles of student debt and interest-based loans. We are motivated by students who have strong Muslim identities and study in all fields, and work to provide interest-free loans. We aim to diversify the pool of candidates and select students from diverse racial and economic backgrounds in various areas of study.

As a cha the lives of Muslim students, donate to help students from California today.

To hold an event with us or volunteer, email [email protected].

California Board Members


Kamran is a Product Manager at Xilinx for A.I. solutions. He joined ACC with the hopes of helping more young Muslims reach higher education and become influential members of society for the betterment of their families and their communities. In addition to ACC, he has served various community organizations, including WVMA and HDF.


Babalwa is a licensed mental health therapist managing school-based mental health services within a community mental health clinic located in Eastbay. She is a mother of 3 children and lives in the East Bay. She joined ACC with the hopes of supporting Muslim youth from diverse backgrounds, having increased access to financial and educational resources, and encouraging the youth to become socially active positive contributors to the community.


Safeer Mohiuddin is a tech entrepreneur and manages Cordoba Fund, a $10M real estate fund. Additionally, he serves on the endowment board of a few nonprofits and talks about personal finance.


Hadeer is a California-licensed attorney currently serving as staff counsel at a children’s hospital. She completed her undergraduate degree in Public Health Science and Spanish at UC Irvine and her J.D. at Chapman University, Fowler School of Law. She lives in Orange County, California.


Asaad is currently a resident physician in internal medicine at UCLA. He completed his undergraduate degree at UC Irvine, medical school at the University of Vermont, and MPH in health policy at Harvard. With the help of ACC, he was able to complete his studies without taking any interest-bearing loans. He joined ACC with the hopes of helping others do the same.


Danna is the Program Director for MSA West. She leads the nonprofit strategy & organizational development and builds programs and resources to cater to the holistic well-being of Muslim college students across California. She is passionate about building leadership and training students as community organizers to advocate for their communities. She joined ACC to increase the accessibility of higher education to underserved students through access to equitable financial resources.


Dr. Siddiqi is a practicing orthodontist in the Orange County area. He completed his undergraduate degree at UC Irvine, DDS at the University of Southern California, residency in orthodontics, and MBA at Roseman University of Health Sciences in Nevada. He joined ACC because he is highly passionate about the cause and bringing about lasting change to the lives of fellow Muslim students. With the help of ACC, his family, and the local community, he was able to complete his education without taking out a substantial interest-bearing loan.