What’s a better gift than constant rewards in the eyes of Allah (swt)?

Develop a long-term source of constant Sadaqah by giving to A Continuous Charity in your Father’s name.


Start your ongoing Sadaqah Jariyah while transforming the lives of Muslim students by donating!

Give once and reap the rewards forever, even after you pass away. Help college students complete their education with an interest-free loan. These students pay back their loans, helping the next generation of students attain a higher education. The cycle of good continues well beyond our lifetimes.

Be the answer to a struggling student’s dua’a. Your support will break the chains of riba (interest) and support a student attain their Higher Education in a halal manner. Alleviate the financial and mental stress of debt and interest from the educational journey of a student. Your support will help a student from falling into the pit of debt and interest.

  1. One day of college education: $67
  2. One week of college: $201
  3. One credit hour: $594
  4. One month of education: $804
  5. Three credit hours: $1,782

Help us become self-sustaining so that we can focus all of our energies into serving as many students as possible. Establishing a Waqf will help the organization and the cause of riba-free education to live on well beyond our time. Be it the well of Uthman (RA) or the palm fields of Umar (RA), endowments leave a legacy for the cause to carry on.