A Continuous Charity is embarking on a mission to serve Muslim women in need. Through this program, we plan to raise funds to give as interest-free loans to widows, divorcees, and survivors of domestic violence. These loans will not only empower women with an education, but also pave the path to independence, employment, and financial stability.

ACC & Ikram Foundation are partnering up once again to bring back the Fund Her Future Campaign! In the Holy Quraan the Almighty states in Surah Tawbah “The believing men and believing women are allies (auliyaa’) of one another….” (9:71) Let us live by these words and be the best of allies to our divorced and widowed Muslim women, together we can #fundherfuture and invest in educational loans to change lives forever.

Families headed by single mothers are among the poorest households. With more than a third of such families living in poverty, they remain extremely vulnerable to homelessness.

These loans will not only empower women with an education, but also pave the path to independence, employment, and financial stability.

Fundraised Goal

$4,408 of $120,000 raised

This program is part of ACC for Women Empowerment

Education can undoubtedly help to remedy the problems of poverty and homelessness, but it poses its own unique obstacle: expensive tuition.

How can we enhance the dignity of Muslim women through education while tuition rates continue to soar? The most common way students fund their college education is through interest-based loans, leaving many Muslims torn between their deen and education.

Among the Class of 2019, 69% of college students took out student loans, graduating with an average debt of $29,900 (Student Loan Hero). Single mothers often spend over half of their income on housing expenses and a third on child care, leaving them with little money for educational expenses. Student loan debt will only cripple families already plagued by financial difficulties.

This program will provide interest-free loans to Muslim women for higher education. When these women repay their loans, we will then re-loan that money to another student, ultimately establishing a form of Sadaqah Jarriyah (continuous charity). Everything is interest-free.

Imagine the indelible impact your contribution will make on these women! Just $50 will help cover the college application fee, the first stepping stone to her journey of a lifetime. Add an additional $70 and you will fund her average day’s worth of classes. With a gift of $600, you will help provide her with the required textbooks for 1 semester. Your gift can truly transform these women’s lives, so we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and support this cause.

Fund Her Future

$4,408 of $120,000 raised
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