LaunchGood Reflects on Their Ramadan Challenge: Impact on the Giving Ecosystem

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Recently LaunchGood shared an article about their giving ecosystem and it dove into some very insightful details. LaunchGood, the  platform for Muslims to donate during Ramadan, began in 2013 with a daily email list for one fundraiser a day. Over 80% of donors preferred automating donations, and the platform expanded to Dhul Hijjah and Fridays, resulting in thousands of donors giving automatically year-round.

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Impact of Implementing New Strategies and Testing Phases 

To ensure the most deserving fundraisers, LaunchGood created leaderboards for fundraisers, one for most funds raised and another for most donors, with prizes funded by automated donations. This removed bias and made fundraising easier and more fun for charities. Leaderboards have a 6x impact on the Giving Ecosystem, as every $1 of leaderboard prizes activates $6 of donations. 

Match funds offer fundraisers a match if they can raise a certain minimum, boosting smaller fundraisers that may not compete for the leaderboard. For example, Ustadh Ashir Kirk in Tennessee raised $2,000 in a few hours with a match offer. Donors can pre-select an unlimited number of causes for their donations to go to by adding fundraisers to their “Giving List.” They do not receive auto-donations themselves, use them to generate direct revenue or benefit LaunchGood, or sell donor data. LaunchGood’s Giving Ecosystem is a whole greater than sum of parts, focusing on uplifting the Ummah through its core values of “We Make Stone Soup” and its commitment to uplifting the Ummah.

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