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Legacy Fund Form

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Our applicant screening criteria is: (1) Scholastic merit (2) Islamic Knowledge (3) Community service (4) Need (5) Location.
ACC will review loan applicants on your behalf and select students based on the criteria listed above.
There are operational costs associated with maintaining a Legacy Fund, such as loan management, accounting, reporting, tax filing & administration. Your one time $300 opening fee support from the initiating of your legacy fund will help us in maintaining ACC’s work. Please confirm below if you would like to include these as part of your initial donation or a separate donation.
Currently, all ACC contracts are a maximum of 4 years. This means that all loans must be repaid within four years of issuance. This length has given us tremendous financial success in getting students and graduates in and out of our system. Most refinancing recipients finish within 2 years while standard student loan recipients take the entire 4 years. Our goal in the future is to extend the term on our contracts if needed, inshaAllah. We do not allow families to alter this portion of the contract as it will affect the return of investment (ROI) on your fund. Thank you for understanding.
ACC will produce biographical and financial reports to update you on the difference that your Legacy Fund is making on the multitudes of students and graduates. Reports will include total initial investment, short biographical data on the students ACC has chosen, their contract due date, total number loans given, total dollar amount given, total amount donated from your alumni, etc. Reports will be made available to you on an ANNUAL basis.
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