Sheikh Abdul Rahman & Fazal Noor Legacy Fund

Sheikh Abdul Rahman and Fazal Noor Sheikh were the proud parents of thirteen children who for the most part settled in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Today, spread out all over the United States and in East Africa their Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren honor their legacy of love and service to others by supporting Muslim Americans through the funding of interest-free student loans. The goal of this Legacy Fund is to provide opportunities to talented individuals (with an emphasis on those studying media, arts, and athletics) who may have otherwise been deprived the chance of elevating the Muslim American community.

The Sheikh Abdul Rahman & Fazal Noor Fund was established in 2018 to honor the legacy of Sheikh Abdur Rahman & Fazal Noor (may Allah have mercy on them).

It has since supported 5 Students pursue degrees in Science, Medicine and Accounting.

Click the link below to support this legacy fund and give the gift of an interest-free education to students in the Muslim Community!