Break The Chains Of Riba

A Financial Burden Holding Thousands of Muslim Students Away from Their Dream For Higher Education.

Riba on educational funds in the US adds to the roadblocks they face in their pursuit of a college degree.

Riba on educational funds in the U.S. adds to their roadblocks in pursuing a college degree.

A survey of students in the U.S. revealed that over 80% felt that borrowing funds with high riba were a source of stress for them in their life. Over 50% of those students found it challenging to ask for help from friends and family.  These stats are shocking and call for serious action.

Rising stress levels among students in the U.S. have detrimental effects on their mental health. With Muslim students being a minority group, they take the biggest brunt of the system. Black Muslims, another minority community facing a pay gap, find it challenging to keep up with the riba they have to pay on the borrowed fund.

The cost of tuition continues to rise in the U.S., making this a growing problem that is negatively impacting relationships, mental and physical health. The system is designed to trap as many students as possible, and it’s designed to do it long-term. Their escape is only guaranteed through Riba-free financial security.