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Zakat Foundation of America(ZFA) makes an impact through multiple programs, one significant program is their Orphan Support Program. Recently they shared their new approach to supporting orphans, as the Zakat Foundation of America stated below: 

“What If We Choose With Love?

“We at Zakat Foundation have committed to stop using pictures for orphan selection – we’re making a change. We choose to love unconditionally. We choose to lead with love—no more browsing for children. Watch our mini film.” – Zakat Foundation of America

What If We Chose With Love?

But how does that exactly work?

ZFA partners with field representatives in 15 countries to select orphans for a rigorous vetting process, ensuring their basic needs are met and they thrive. Sponsors can choose based on country, age, and gender, but “where most needed” is preferred. Gifts cover essential needs like nutritious food, school attendance, and hygiene, and can be made for less than $2/day online.

Zakat Foundation of America
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Zakat Foundation of America is ready to assist you with all your questions about their Orphan Support Program

On their official website, Zakat Foundation of America has answered all your questions related to their orphan support program. 

Zakat Foundation of America considers any child without a parent or vulnerable with incapacitated or missing parents to be an orphan. Sponsorship offers holistic care for a child living abroad, covering essential needs like nutritious food, schooling, and hygiene. Sponsors can sponsor a child for less than $2/day in need online and can choose from $50 a month or $600 a year. 100% of the sponsorship goes directly to the orphan, and the Zakat Foundation of America will never use your donation for administration or operational use.

Sponsors can select an orphan by selecting “Where Most Needed” and selecting a gender and country. Due to American bylaws and vetting systems, one-on-one communication with the orphan is not allowed. Zakat Foundation of America operates in 15 countries, including Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Gifting options vary by region, but Eid gifts ranging from $25-$30 are available twice a year.

The Zakat Foundation of America’s orphan sponsorship program supports children in need for up to 18 years. Once the orphan reaches adulthood, they are no longer supported by the program. However, many generous donors continue to care for their education, vocational training, or marriage process. Sponsors can choose to stop their sponsorship at any time. The program covers healthcare costs, education, clothing, food, shelter, love, support, and prospects for the future. 

Donors commit to a one-year commitment, but there is no contractual agreement. Donations are sent quarterly to the child, and the organization monitors and implements the program in 15 countries. Once sponsored, donors receive a profile of the sponsored orphan and an annual update. The program has benefited 12,689 poor children in 15 countries since 2014, and the Zakat Foundation of America is committed to serving all of humanity. The organization does not use religion as a criterion for selecting orphans, and the organization does not attempt to convert children to Islam.

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