AAMAAL Muslim Women for Empowerment is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, founded in April 2020 by a group of intellectual women in response to community needs. In Arabic ‘Amal’ means “hope or aspiration”. In Hebrew it is “to labor” and in Urdu it signifies “doing a good deed”. The plural of ‘Amal’ is AAMAAL; at AAMAAL we aspire to accomplish all of the above.

In four short years, AAMAAL has spearheaded the establishment of endowed scholarships for students at multiple universities and colleges in such disciplines as medicine and mental health counseling, along with scholarships in nursing and STEM. AAMAAL is continuing to expand its sponsorship of education through endowments and scholarships in various fields including media, journalism and law.
AAMAAL also supports several community development and outreach programs. For more information, please visit

The mission of A Continuous Charity is in line with our hopes at AAMAAL to perpetuate goodness, empower through education, and to pay it forward through these lasting legacies.

May God bless all involved in these efforts.




Mr. Sadiq Mohammad Khan and Mrs. Mumtaz Begum Khan were extremely compassionate people and never refused anyone who needed their help. They were particularly in favor of helping the poor and the desolate stand on their feet through making a halal living. Mr. Sadiq Mohammad Khan himself was a self-made man, rising from being a child abandoned by his father, to being a highly educated man who eventually became the top financial director of an oil refinery in Libya. He and his wife Mrs. Mumtaz Begum Khan raised six children who became doctors, engineers and scientists.


The AAMAAL ACC Scholarship was established to empower youth through education. The scholarship will provide financial assistance to students who fit the following criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Be accepted through ACC’s open application cycle
  2. Muslim minority student(s) or genuine interest in Islam
  3. Degree seeking, with a 3.0 GPA or higher
  4. Preference for the sciences, business or professional schools, especially majors with a high likelihood of professional employment
  5. 500 word, double spaced essay (one page) on: Tell us about who you are? Why are you interested in pursuing this goal? What do you wish to accomplish on graduation?