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ACC Application Deadline:

Application period: January 15th – April 15th

Minnesota students: January 1st – March 31st

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Application Criteria:

ACC uses 5 criteria when determining loan recipients.

  • Merit is determined by examining the applicant’s academic achievements, test scores, class standing, GPA, and other awards. The better a student does academically the more points he/she will receive in this category.
  • Islamic scholarship represents the student’s simultaneously questing for Islamic knowledge. Examples include learning Arabic, memorizing the Quran, attending weekly halaqah, weekend seminars, etc.
  • Community involvement examines how involved an applicant is in the great Muslim and non-Muslim community. Examples include volunteering at a local food bank, being the president of a club or school organization(s), tutoring, feeding the poor, etc.
  • Need is determined by looking at the financial portfolio of the applicant including spouse and parents. Other scholarships such as FAFSA are included for review. The greater the need, the greater the points assigned for this section.
  • Geographic location implies that if an applicant resides in a locality that has invited ACC for a community event, fundraising, khutbah, etc. then these applicants are at an advantage as ACC feels obliged to return the funds to the local communities that have supported us and our cause.

Determining Loan amount:

The Application Review Committee will determine the loan amount given to each student and the repayment period based on the strength of their application. amount requested, and amount of funds raised during that calendar year.

  1. Maximum lifespan of loans: ACC will only give loans to students who can realistically pay back their total loan within 4 years. No loan lifespan can exceed the 4-year maximum. If an applicant cannot pay back their loan within 4 years then a lesser amount may be loaned out which that person can payback with 4 years maximum time.
  2. Minimum monthly repayment: When determining a recipient’s minimum monthly repayment the application review committee will determine the maximum a recipient can repay without it becoming a burden on the recipient. However minimum monthly payment is started immediately after the loan is awarded.
  3. Flexibility of Repayment: In Islam, a loan is a form of Sadaqah (charity). In those cases where a student is unable to meet their minimum monthly payments due to financial hardship then ACC must contact the student in order to determine a new minimum monthly payment. This flexibility may modify the minimum monthly repayment and may extend the lifespan of the loan. This flexibility reflects the mercy and compassion demonstrated in the Quran and Sunnah and will be determined by the ARC.
  4. Loans are Sadaqah: As mentioned above, loans are a form of Sadaqah. We still believe that students are obliged to repay their loans; however in cases where a student is unable to due to loss of work, injury, or other life circumstances ACC will work with them to reassess their loan repayment. In some cases we may choose to reduce the monthly amount, reduce payments to $0, or forgive the loan entirely.
  5. Loan Delinquency: Only in those cases when a student refuses to repay their loan without any life changing circumstances will ACC take action to ensure repayment, which are listed below:
  1. ACC will take all appropriate actions to speak with the student in order to find a solution but if the student still refuses to repay their debt the following actions may be taken.
  2. Damage to credit rating by student loanee or cosigner.
  3. Garnishment of wages
  4. Withholding of tax refunds
  5. Possible loss of eligibility for federal and state financial aid.
Frequently asked questions: ACC Application Process
  • A student who is actively engaged in their respective community
  • Currently attending or attended a junior college or four-year university/college
  • A U.S. Citizen or permanent resident
  • A GPA of 3.0 is preferred but not an absolute must
  • Two letters of recommendation (written by either a teacher, emloyer, or local religious leader)
  • Financial Statements (available below)
  • Tax Return Transcript: To place an order, click here. Then, click the “Get Transcript Online” button and follow the directions.
  • If dependent, then have your parent(s) complete and submit Financial Statement 1.
  • If married and independent of parental financial support, then you (or your spouse) should complete and submit Financial Statement 2.
  • If single and independent of parental financial support, then you should complete and submit  Financial Statement 3.

Finalists will be notified for an interview six weeks after the application deadline.

The Review Committee will determine the need for additional documentation including but not limited to the following:

  • Original school transcript
  • Credit check
  • Identity verification
  • Tax transcript
  • You will be notified about your acceptance and the amount awarded two weeks after all interviews are conducted.
  • All loans will be paid directly to your educational/financial institution.
  • Please refer to the section entitled “Once Accepted” to know what is expected of you once the loan/scholarship is awarded.

Once chosen by the selection committee, the recipient will sign a legally binding agreement with A Continuous Charity (ACC) that will outline their loan repayment strategy.

The loan repayment schedule will vary by individual based on their field of study, the amount of loan awarded, and their financial status.

Application Steps:

Meet Minimum Requirements

Gather Documentation

Online Application

Appear for Interview

Receive Loans