Stock donations are one of the best way donors just like you support the education of hundreds of bright Muslim students nationwide.

Get Started by Following These Simple Steps: It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Contact Your Broker & Share This Information:
  2. Receiving Firm DTC Number: 0015
  3. Receiving Firm Name: Morgan Stanley
  4. ACC Acount Number: 247-016527
  5. Receiving Firm Client Account Name: A Continuous Charity Foundation
  6. Security Name, Symbol or CUSIP Number that they are donating.
  7. Share Quantity of the security they are donating.

For Acknowledgement, Tax Purposes & Any Help:  We have a dedicated team member who is ready to assist you through this process.

Please contact Donor Care Reem Safadi [email protected] with any questions, acknowledgements, and for tax letter information.

The process is fast, simple, and makes a meaningful impact.

Benefits of Donating Stocks:

1. Tax Deduction:

When you donate appreciated stocks that you’ve held for more than one year, you can generally deduct the fair market value of the stocks on the date of the donation. This can result in a significant tax advantage compared to selling the stocks and donating the cash.

2. Avoiding Capital Gains Taxes

If you were to sell the appreciated stocks instead of donating them, you might be subject to capital gains taxes on the appreciation. By donating the stocks directly, you can avoid paying capital gains taxes on the appreciated value.

3. Leveraging Gains for Greater Impact

Donating stocks allows you to leverage the full value of the appreciated securities, potentially allowing you to make a larger charitable contribution than if you were to sell the stocks and donate the cash after paying capital gains taxes.

Donate your taxes today!