Mumtaz Qureshi Legacy Fund

Opening Paths to Education: Mumtaz Qureshi’s Legacy of Interest-Free Loans

In the heart of Houston, Texas, a remarkable initiative is lighting the way for Muslim students aspiring for higher education. Mumtaz Qureshi, a devoted and active member of the Houston Muslim community, has spearheaded a groundbreaking endeavor with A Continuous Charity (ACC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering students by awarding community funded, interest-free educational loans. This initiative, known as the Legacy Fund, represents not just a financial solution but a beacon of hope and support for those striving to advance their educational journeys without the burden of interest.

Mumtaz Qureshi, a long-time Houston resident, is a familiar face at Maryam Masjid, where he is known for his unwavering commitment to his faith and community. His dedication to service is evident in his involvement in various community activities, but it’s his passion for education that has truly made a lasting impact. Recognizing the financial barriers that many Muslim students face, Qureshi envisioned a way to uplift the next generation through a model that aligns with Islamic principles.

The concept of interest-free loans is rooted in the Islamic tenet of avoiding riba (usury), which makes traditional student loans inaccessible or undesirable for some Muslim students. This is where the Legacy Fund comes into play. By harnessing the power of community funding, the initiative offers a viable alternative that not only respects religious convictions but also fosters a culture of giving and support within the Muslim community.

A Continuous Charity stands at the forefront of this noble cause, with its mission to facilitate access to higher education. The organization has been instrumental in breaking down financial barriers for students across the nation, and the introduction of the Legacy Fund under Mumtaz Qureshi’s guidance is a testament to ACC’s innovative and community-centric approach.

The impact of Qureshi’s work is far-reaching, offering more than just financial aid. It embodies a holistic approach to community support, ensuring that students receive the encouragement and resources they need to succeed. This initiative not only aids students in achieving their academic goals but also instills in them the values of giving back and supporting others—a cycle of generosity that continues to enrich the community.

As the Legacy Fund grows, its impact is a powerful reminder of the difference one person’s vision can make. Mumtaz Qureshi’s initiative with A Continuous Charity is a shining example of how faith, community, and education can come together to create opportunities for those who dream of a better future. It’s a legacy that not only changes lives today but also paves the way for generations to come.

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