ACC Wisconsin Chapter

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Wisconsin ACC Team, At Your Service

ACC Wisconsin’s goal is to seek Allah’s pleasure through promoting the spiritual and intellectual development of the next generation of Wisconsin-based Muslim students by reducing, minimizing &/or eliminating the burden of student loan interest for higher education through interest-free loans.

We aim to diversify the pool of candidates and select students from diverse racial and economic backgrounds in various fields of study. By doing this, we hope to bring about a generation of graduates that will have a strong Muslim identity and be well-versed in their fields, using both for the benefit of humanity.

The loans paid back by these students will then be used to fund future students in this continuous process, making the most out of every donation.

As a chapter of A Continuous Charity, a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we hope to do our part in expanding this beautiful alternative to interest-based loans.

To support this work and make a profound impact in the lives of Muslim students in Wisconsin, donate today.

To hold an event with us or volunteer, email [email protected].

Wisconsin Board Members

  • Faraz Uddin, President
  • Abdullah Akhtar, Vice President/Executive Director
  • Faiza Ahmedi, Treasury
  • Faheem Baig, Secretary
  • Nuzhat Noor, Board member
  • Ali Siddiqui, Board member