Meet the Moment: Building Power Through Education

02/15/2024 6:30 pm - By A Continuous Charity Foundation

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How do we change the world? Simply, one student at a time.
Amid the ongoing crisis in Palestine and across the Ummah, we consistently see the Muslim community struggling to influence our government, counteract bias in the news, and face challenges in mobilizing effectively. This situation has painfully highlighted the need for us to invest in "Game Changers" – students who want to study fields such as law, government, public policy, journalism, media, and more.
We invite you to an enlightening program to benefit A Continuous Charity (ACC) a Muslim charity that awards community-funded, interest-free educational loans, featuring Dr. Yasir Qadhi and ACC Co-Founder Faizan Syed as the keynote speakers.

  • Date & Time: Thursday, February 15th, 6:30 PM
  • Location: UNC Charlotte-Cone Mcknight Hall, 8921 University Rd, Charlotte, NC 28262. Parking Address: 9110 Mary Alexander Rd, Charlotte, NC 28262
  • RSVP: Attendance is free, but registration is required. Babysitting available for $15 per child (ages 4-12 only), registration required.
About A Continuous Charity: ACC, the first Muslim charity of its kind, focuses on higher education for Muslim students. We provide community-funded, interest-free educational loans. With over $7 Million loaned to nearly 500 students in various fields, ACC is a pivotal force in shaping futures.


Start Date 02/15/2024 6:30 pm


UNC Charlotte-Cone Mcknight Hall, 8921 University Rd, Charlotte, NC 28262