ACC Waqf

One donation can help sustain ACC’s long-lasting future

Help us become self-sustaining to focus our energies on serving as many students as possible. Establishing a Waqf will help the organization and the cause of riba-free education to live on well beyond our time. Be it the well of Uthman (R.A.) or the palm fields of Umar (R.A.). Endowments leave a legacy for the cause to carry on.

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The Problem

Student loan debt accounts for ~$1.56 trillion in the U.S. today. Thousands of young Muslims are being crip-pled by this system in ways that go well beyond just their financial well-being. Being the only nonprofit organization in the U.S. offering interest-free loans, we recognize how crucial our sustainability and growth shield our future generators from riba.

We only served 5% of the request this year.

From a historical perspective, we cannot deny the importance waqfs have played in building and sustaining Muslim societies. We have been blessed to have supporters like yourself to sustain us by filling and refilling our “bucket” of funds year after year.

This model has worked well for us over the last seven years. Alhamdulillah. However, we foresee that this model may not be scalable to address a growing crisis.

For this reason, a few years ago, we took the initiative to create and grow a “well” of funds that we can turn to in the future. We call this the ACC Waqf.