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When: Every Sunday and Wednesday in Ramadan at 3 pm EST, Starting March 26th.

What: Learn 3 practical tools for Cultivating Presence and Mindfulness of Allah this Ramadan.

Why: Taqwa or Mindfulness of God is mentioned as an outcome for prescribing fasting in Ramadan.  And HEART-Centric Mindfulness is a God-centered and Prophetic Model to train ourselves to be our best Mindful selves. This model has been studied by students from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and University of Wisconsin, and the Islamic Mindfulness practices are being used at the Brain, Belief, and Behavior lab at the Coventry University for a new randomized controlled trial in the UK.


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Weekly Agenda

Heal in the Mindfulness of God

Session 1: The Science of Mindfulness and Meditation, What is Islamic Mindfulness and Meditation and how does it help us cultivate Taqwa.

Session2:  Guided Islamic Mindfulness practice on Cultivating Mindfulness and Presence of God through Istighfar.

Engage with Purpose 

Session 1: The Science of Purpose and Meaning, Our Divine Purpose, and How to Visualize Our Best Self and Best Life according to our purpose.

Session2: Guided Islamic Mindfulness practice on our Divine Purpose and Ultimate Destination through the name of Allah – As Salaam.

Achieve with Gratitude 

Session 1: The Science and Islamic connection of Gratitude, How to reframe out of negativity and complaining to gratitude.

Session 2: Guided Islamic Mindfulness practice on Gratitude through a Body Scan practice.

Rise with Patience 

Session 1: The Science and Islamic Psychology of Emotions and Emotional Regulation.

Session 2:  Guided Islamic Mindfulness practice on shifting from Reacting to Responding with patience.

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