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IslamiCity is always coming up with different kinds of platforms for educational purposes. Below we will include information about some of their applications that will help you on your learning such as Arabic vocabulary, Salah Islamic Prayer Game and IslamiCity Muslim eCommunity.

Islamicity App: Arabic English Word Game 

The Arabic English Word Game 1, Version 2.0.2, is an innovative educational game designed for second language learners. It uses digital flashcards and multiple games to teach 50 Arabic and English words. The game covers various topics, such as fruits, vegetables, farm animals, shapes, colors, clothes, and food. The game offers a safe learning space, no advertising, and no internet required. It also features family-friendly learning activities, allowing children to practice anytime and anywhere. 

The game can be played in two modes: ‘Learn’ mode, where children can take as much time as needed, and ‘Test’ mode, with limited time to complete. The teaching method involves five steps: flashcards to quickly explain Arabic-English words, reading games to make reading fun and easy, listening games to encourage correct pronunciation, and spelling games to make learning enjoyable.

IslamiCity App Image
IslamiCity App Image

Salah Islamic Prayer Game

The Salah Islamic Prayer Game App by IslamiCity.Org is an interactive app designed for parents and children aged 6-12. It encourages understanding of Islamic values and encourages children to pray regularly. The app features four carefully designed activities: a simple guide with spoken instructions, twelve coloring pages with spoken stories, an interactive game with fifty salah-related questions and answers, a DIY project for the whole family, and a privacy-conscious message for parents.

The app is designed for children to learn by imitating their elders and friends, promoting creativity and concentration. It also includes a coloring book with 12 coloring pages and 7 stickers, allowing for easy erasure and recoloring. The app also includes an interactive game with 50 questions and answers, a game timer, and a ‘Burst the Balloons’ game at the end.

IslamiCity App Image
IslamiCity App Image

IslamiCity.Org takes kids’ privacy seriously and creates child-safe apps that are educational, fun, and safe. Parents can download the app and provide a 5-star review on the App Store, or contact them at [email protected] for assistance.

IslamiCity Muslim eCommunity

IslamiCity is a global Muslim e-community that offers information, services, and tools for Muslims to live an elevated God-conscious life. Since 1995, it has provided an online advanced Quran search, accurate prayer times calculator, online udhiya, and engaging multimedia posts. The IslamiCity App is the most in-depth app targeted at a Muslim audience, offering reliable answers to Islam-related questions. 

The app is free and no ads. It includes five popular Arabic transcriptions of the Quran, ten plus English translations, and ten other languages. The app also offers engaging content, authentic duas, and innovative tools for Muslims, such as a Quran smart search tool, accurate prayer times, and a zakat calculator. The app also offers community services such as a gift store, fasting times, and an Islamic glossary.

IslamiCity App Image
IslamiCity App Image

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