Supporting Young Muslim Professionals: Project 100 Winter Cohort

At A Continuous Charity (ACC), we are deeply committed to empowering the youth and surpassing their expectations by providing resources, mentorship, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our mission is to assist young Muslim professionals in reaching their full potential and thriving in their careers. ACC has been dedicated to this cause for a decade, and we invite you to contribute now to support a student and others who practice Islam.

Youth organizations are crucial in nurturing and empowering young Muslim professionals in their personal and professional development. Participating in such organizations offers numerous benefits, including the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, build valuable connections, and access a supportive network within a broader community.

In this article, we will inform you about MAS Project 11 Winter Cohort, which can be a good opportunity to meet new people and learn more! 

MAS Project 100 Winter Cohort 2024

Join other young Muslims in an exciting four-week journey with Project 100, made possible by the Muslim American SocietyYoung Professionals Lighthouse Projects, exploring topics such as the Quran, modern Islam, achievement, and the power of Muslim youth. This program offers a unique opportunity for personal growth through engaging tracks, inquisitive journals, Personal Development Plans (PDPs), and a supportive community of practice. By completing this program, participants will experience a transformative change and be inspired to channel their newfound spiritual energy into making a positive difference in their lives and communities.

What Makes MAS Project 100 Winter Cohort Unique?

Since its beginning in 2020, Project 100 has stood out for combining intensity and seriousness of purpose, an integrated curriculum addressing core intellectual, spiritual, and practical concerns, and the chance to build meaningful relationships with fellow participants.

The main modules are delivered lecture-style, allowing opportunities for questions and discussion. Following the lectures, participants engage in breakout rooms for deeper reflection and personal exchange, connecting with top individuals across the country united by a common cause.

Project 100 is a transformative journey aiming to strengthen each participant’s bond with Allah SWT. This program seeks to align the heart, mind, and body with Islamic principles and foundations. Its multidimensional approach, combining robust content, inquisitive journals, a community of shared interest, productive projects, and lifelong connections, is unparalleled in Islamic work today.

The program is currently virtual, spanning eight sessions over 28 days from January 29, 2024, to February 26, 2024, CET. During each two-hour session, pressing societal topics will be addressed, followed by community of practice (CoP) discussions. These CoPs, smaller groups united by shared interests, foster a sense of community and companionship. 

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With thrilling tracks, inquisitive journals, personal development plans, and a community of practice, this program aims to inspire individuals to reach new heights and create positive change within themselves and their communities.

Discover new horizons, foster positive change, and strengthen our community by supporting one another. 

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