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The Young Muslims Conference (YM) is a weekend-long event designed to develop young Muslims into future leaders. It offers workshops and sessions by renowned scholars, as well as opportunities to meet fellow Muslim brothers and compete in basketball and volleyball tournaments. The conference also offers travel opportunities to various cities, including Baltimore, MD for the National Conference and Atlanta, Houston, and Chicago for Regional Conferences. Events include a Halal Food Court, Midnight Basketball, Live Entertainment, a YM Booth at the Bazaar, a MasterChef Competition, an Open Mic Competition, a Muslim Youth Debate, a Paint Night, and a Quran Competition. Scholars also speak directly to young Muslims, discussing topics such as mental health, gender interactions, and chivalry. 

Some of the Young Muslims Educational Resources 

Muslim Youth Issues: Addressing Mental Health

In this report, we aim to address the current state of mental health among American Muslim youth and assist with mental health struggles of any kind. This report also helps guide community leaders by providing a toolkit to directly support them wherever they may be.

Muslim Youth Issues: Addressing Pornography

Pornography consumption in American Muslim society has increased dramatically over the years. In the past year, the Young Muslim Muslim Youth Issues Team sought to gain a quantitative understanding of the issue.

How to Give a Khutbah

This short guide has been prepared to help young Muslims, as well as anyone in the position of being a Khateeb. This guide is meant as an aide and as a starting point, it is strongly encouraged to go over the Khutba structure with a local Imam, chaplain, or student of knowledge.

Muslim Youth Issues: Judgement Stigma

The goal of the YM Presents Muslim Youth Issues: Judgment Stigma campaign is to seek the pleasure of Allah by raising awareness of judgment and shame within the American Muslim community, providing constructive criticism through education about Islam’s stance on this issue, and presenting practical solutions and strategies to counteract judgment stigma within our communities.

Supporting the Black Community

To properly raise awareness and educate ourselves about the systemic injustices towards the Black community in America, we have compiled a handbook that includes some civic engagement tools and action items to ensure that we are coming up with both short-term and long-term, sustainable strategies to support the Black community.

Ramadan Survival Guide

Young Muslims would like to present its first-ever Ramadan Survival Guide! We pray this guide brings benefits and helps you optimize how to spend your time this Ramadan! In it, you can find a daily to-do checklist, dua’s, exciting challenges and much more. Share with your friends, family, organizations, and the local community to reap the reward from it.

All these topics can be found on the Young Muslims page.


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