Legacy Funds


What is a Legacy Fund?

Families have always looked for opportunities to develop a long-term source of constant sadaqah (a continuous charity). In the past, scholarships for students have been an amazing tool to accomplish this as they help energize students and help them pay for their education. Families know that once students graduate, they will be able to support their family and give back to the community thus giving a source of constant sadaqah.

However, with the ever increasing cost of tuition, the scholarship model has limitations as it will require constant funding to keep the family fund alive. If the funding ever stops, the family fund ceases and the legacy will come to an end. ACC is suggesting a different, longer lasting, and self-sufficient model: the interest-free loan model. The loan model will ensure that the funds are not depleted over the years but rather continue to increase and grow over the decades.


What ACC Can Offer?

We will screen applicants according to our current guidelines, interview them, and most importantly manage their loans. As the funds are repaid, they will be returned into your family’s specific fund to be re-used by future students. We will provide the family with both financial and biographical reports on each recipient we choose. You will witness the fund grow and benefit multiple students from generation to generation adding to the legacy of your family.

In addition, we have an almost 100% ACC Alumni donation rate. This means that recipients who graduate from our program feel the need to donate because they have experienced first-hand the benefit of our charity and want it to continue to grow and benefit others. All of the donations that will come from the future alumni of your fund will be placed in the family fund to make it grow even larger and help more students.

Schematic Explained

In this example, we will start at $50,000 of donations given by your family. The schematic will show how the funds are used in a loan-based model vs a scholarship model. In the scholarship model, we can safely state that once the $50,000 are given out as scholarships, then we have reached our maximum benefit as no more money is left. Your family will have to raise funds each year to sustain this model.


  • Since ACC’s contract is 4 years in length that means the $50,000 given in 2016 will be returned completely by 2020
  • Therefore on average $12,500 will be returned each year from the 2016 recipients until 2020


  • So in 2017, we will have $12,500 of loan repayment from the 2016 recipients
  • If your family were able to raise another $25,000, then we would have a total of $25,000 + $12,500 which totals to $37,500 available for loans


  • So for the 2018 recipients, we will have the combined total of the loan repayment from the 2016 and 2017 recipients plus whatever is raised from your family


  • The same will apply for 2019 and 2020 as per the schematic. The key point is that there will be a point in which the model becomes self-sustaining so that no more donations are needed and your family can focus on other bigger and important issues.

As you can see, over a 4-year period the amount loaned continues to grow. As more loans are returned, more loans can be given thus helping more students than a scholarship model. An important point is that this self-perpetuating cycle can be sustained without further donations.